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Fun with ambiguity

November 17, 2006

There was a headline in one of the papers today:

Plan for big mercury cuts advances.

So, naturally this reads 2 ways. Either the plan for substantial mercury cuts is advancing, or the plan is cutting substantial mercury advances (monetary or somesuch).

Me though, my first thought on glancing the headline was “I didn’t know there was a lobby big enough to be called Big Mercury.” Really, this lead me to the less likely second reading, but still. It amused me.

Also, why aren’t these shirts available in something better quality than Cafe Press shirts? Maybe their quality improved since the last time I saw one of their shirts, but damnit, I want a Wug shirt. I kinda want the Liquids Only mug as well.


From one big nerd to another…I think I love you.

November 6, 2006

I may have found my soulmate