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April 1, 2004

The Syntax Hit Parade, as listed by syntaxia

1. ‘My life is like Zero Syntax since you’ve gone’ – DJ Pesetsky
2. ‘I wanna make you Neg’ – Lili Haegemann
3. ‘Be my particle, baby’ – Den Dikken Boys
4. ‘Dominate me, govern me, bind me’ – MC Chomsky feat. Sisters of VP
5. ‘Big brown double objects’ – Ricky Larson
6. ‘Why do we have to split like IP’ – Pollockian Brigade
7. ‘Check my case’ – Spicy Belletti
8. ‘Two heads (I dream of adjoining to you)’ – Extraction Site Workers
9. ‘Spell-Out your love’ – A’-Teens (A-bar-Teens)
10. ‘So many barriers between us’ – Chain Girls feat. Prince Rizzi
11. ‘Ninety-nine floating quantifiers’ – The Indexes
12. ‘Alpha-move your body’ – Ice Li vs. DJ Aoun
13. ‘Waiting for LF’ – Wide Scope Monsters